Monday, December 17, 2007

Do Nothing Congress

So the year ends with Congress getting nothing done. So much for the Democratic mandate and their big plans. No Energy Bill, No AMT Relief, they couldn't even agree to send some type of funding to our troops in the field. I mean, come on, no matter how Move-On.Org you are, you have to agree we at least have to fund the troops as long as they are out there ! So what have they done ? Raise the minimum wage, WOW. OK, that's important, teenagers need an increase in gas money. ( Like Gas is $ 3.00 bucks or something dude ! )

Thinking about it further, maybe an impotent Congress isn't that bad after all. There is a lot of good in their "not doing". Kinda Tao-ish in fact. So maybe we should tell Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid good work, or... good no-work. Take a break... O, you already are....good.

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