Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's all about the Economy !

So in an article in the Wall Street Journal today, (yes I read it) there was an article about the presidential race and how the economy is BECOMING important. BECOMING ? The economy is the MOST important issue ! So why is this news ? It's because up to now, both parties have been focused on "special" issues. Why, simple it is "special" interest groups that they get there support (read $). But now things are changing, and the masses are demanding answers. What will the poster boys ( and girl ) do for the average Joe buying $ 3.00 gas and $ 4.00 milk. How can they help us when our cost go up 6-7% a year and our pay only goes up 2-3% ?
That will be the big story for 2008. America is at a cross roads and the future of the average family is depending on what the next President does. Over the next few days, I will pull together the economic issues one by one and tell you what the leaders say they will do and what I think we should do. I will also explain the real reason behind why the major parties and politicians select the solutions they do. We will also see why they side step so many important issues, and try to distract us with other pet issues of theirs. Stay tuned.

The American Beer Drinkers Party is the only political party that represents the average American. The work hard, pay taxes, caring American that feeds the Cow of a federal government that so many others spend their time feeding off of. It's time to expose the slackers that keep us working so hard so that we get to keep only 50% of what we make.

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